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Chicago Bars

Here you will find all of my favorite places to grab a drink & socialize in Chicago. 

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Cindy's Rooftop Bar


Cindy's is a posh rooftop bar that  overlooks Millenium Park. It's an open concept with extremely limited seating. You would have to reserve a table or if lucky, find a spot at the bar. It's often crowded but the atmosphere is fun & the view is beautiful. Great place to frequent in the summer. 

Steak bar


*Currently closed for renovations 

Steak Bar located in the Wicker Park area is an urban chic place where you can get good drinks and even better food. Steak bar has large beautiful windows that can be pushed out in the summer time, connecting you to the bustling environment outside. 



Henry's is literally my favorite bar as of right now. The main floor of Henry's is where the bar is located, the ambiance is laid back & the music played is extremely chill. The lower level of Henry's has a club setting, and that's where the crowd gets denser, music gets louder & more hype. It's literally a one stop shop for people who like to chill (main level) and party ( lower level). You really can't go wrong here. 

Roof On theWit


The Roof lounge is located on the 27th floor of  the Wit. It has a very fun & playful atmosphere. If you like music that leans towards techno and EDM, this is the place for you. I wasn't too fond of the music, but the drinks were good and the view was picturesque. 



Located in the heart of Chicago, in the Hyatt Hotel, Aire is such a beautiful rooftop lounge adorned with modern fire pits and ample seating. . The food offered was appetizer based but it was very filling, and complimentary to the drinks.